Welcome to Candea Development

Candea Development is a full service development and construction management firm focused on building upscale residential condo developments and custom homes in Chicago's finest neighborhoods. Alongside our resident architect and real-estate specialists, we work with customers to identify opportunities in some of Chicago's trickiest neighborhoods while limiting downside risk. Whether you are looking to purchase land to build a home or partner up with Candea Development's real estate investment specialists to take advantage of speculative opportunities, we work hand in hand with investors and homeowners alike to assist you in the prospect of designing and building your dream home while attempting to create equity in your investment. We insure this process by providing free construction consulting during the design phase and informing clients of cost to value decisions before the permit process is complete.

Hiring a qualified General Contractor to properly manage your next construction project can be very overwhelming. Facing the challenges of accurate estimating, timely scheduling, hiring the right subcontractors and maintaining a high level of quality control is an endeavor few people can properly manage. Candea Development offers all services necessary for a successful residential construction project. These services include architecture, permit expediting, zoning advice, construction budgeting and planning, assistance in obtaining construction financing and certificate of occupancies. Our goal is to make the construction process as simple as possible for our clients and customers.