Our Team

Armand Candea

In 2006, Armand and his brother Alan partnered to form Candea Development. With over 15 years of experience in real estate and construction, Armand is involved in all aspects of the development and construction of the projects.

Alan Candea

Having grown up on the Northside of Chicago, Alan is passionate about finding new developments and ideas for Candea. Alan is involved in every project from start to finish and puts great thought into the design features of each building in creating unique and functional layouts for today’s market.

Sarah Valentino

 Sarah has several years of vast experience in the construction industry collaborating with developers, investors, contractors, architects, and many other industry professionals to build and deliver dynamic real estate projects.  Her extensive experience includes working with renowned builders in both the residential and commercial industry in various Chicago neighborhoods such as River North and Old Town, Los Angeles, as well as the Las Vegas Strip.  She also has several years of experience building relationships and advising new construction home buyers on the development process from start to finish.  Her experience allows her to support, prepare, and assist our buyers to ensure a smooth transition into their new dream home. Sarah’s ultimate goal is to provide our buyers a professional, caring, and diligent experience while driving the development process in a respectful and timely manner. 

Chris Beliveau

 As a business management graduate and former football player from San Jose State University in California, Chris brings his creative problem solving and unmatched work ethic to the team. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, and able to easily work with a variety of clients. As the on-site project manager, Chris uses his former real estate and construction experience to ensure all projects are completed in a seamless, safe and efficient manner.